At GrizzlyWorks we are passionate about music.

Some of my earliest memories are of my Mother bringing my brothers and I home from our local Catholic church on a Sunday, and we boys promptly switching on my Dads’ 3 piece radiogram to listen to Led Zeppelin III on vinyl while turning that psychedelic cover round and round. Music defines chapters of my life and brings back to mind experiences and times that I had almost forgotten. This love of beats, melody, songwriting and singing has been with me as long as I can remember- I just enjoy being taken on a journey even if I don’t know where it is going or even recognise when I arrive.


I have been fortunate enough to have a trade background and be able to couple my love of music with the satisfaction of creating something physical and useful. In addition to this probably the most enjoyable part of what I do is the collaborative component of any project. That is, discussing design goals with prospective clients and coming up with styles that are aesthetically pleasing and offer a solution to their needs. This is always done at your pace as well- I’ll never rush any part of a project.


If you have an idea in mind I’m happy to talk it through, consider design inspirations you send or suggest and come up with any number of drafts until you are satisfied that we have a final design that suits you. I’ll then cost that out and give you a firm price. Quotes are both obligation and cost free.  Interstate (or even international) freight is totally fine as well and often not as expensive as you may think. Whether you’re considering steel, aluminium, timber, stone, acrylic or other synthetic/composite materials I’m happy to take on a challenge and produce something exactly right for you.


I strive to keep my suppliers as local as possible and ensure that any manufacturing that I do not physically undertake myself is done within Australia, using locally made materials.


As an adjunct to building bespoke audio furniture, I am also able to offer some of the best quality and value for money hifi equipment through my affiliation with Wyndham Audio. Keith, the owner, is a long time friend and has a very discerning ear. He has been designing and building speakers for over 40 years and has only recently decided to produce commercially available designs, with a great response from all over the country. Feel free to visit his website for more, and contact me for further information.


Cheers, Anthony.



Bridgewater, Adelaide Hills, SA

Phone: 0404 121 155

Email: grizzlyworks@outlook.com



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Bridgewater, Adelaide Hills, SA
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